5 Reasons Why Your COVID Signage Should Be Branded

We understand the importance of cohesive branding across websites and other marketing collateral, so why should COVID signage be any different? LeapGo Digital Marketing says that "a cohesive brand helps you to make a positive first impression, increase sales, become more recognizable, stand out from your competition, and become more memorable." From branding essential signage to backgrounds for Zoom calls -- everything your company does should follow your brand standards. That’s why at Print House, we have completely customizable signage to adapt to your needs. Read the 5 reasons why your COVID-19 signage should be branded and start standing out from your competitors today.


1. Cut Through the Noise

With pedestrian traffic limitations in place, businesses need to find ways to inform customers of new store deals. Cut through the noise of digital advertisement and utilize banners, sidewalk signs, and signage to communicate with pedestrians about store updates and deals! 

2. Differentiate From Competitors 

Maximize your businesses’ competitive advantage and get ahead of the industry through branded signage. Customers see the same generic COVID signage day-in and day-out; branding can be the necessary eye-catching differentiator between you and your competitors. 

3. Increase Your Exposure

Now is the time to compensate for the last couple of months. Once hung up, signage and banners are available for patrons to see 24/7. This unlimited exposure as people are driving and walking by your store will increase the reach of your brand’s products or services. 

4.  Escalate Brand Awareness

Brand awareness has a long-lasting impact on your business. Company recollection, sales, and marketing efforts can be impacted through branded signage -- showcase COVID company values, deals, or new policies that your brand is implemented with custom signage. 

5. Cost-Effective Advertising 

Business Partner Magazine states that billboard advertising “[does] not have the same longevity as signs.” Printing signage and banners are a cheaper and long-lasting form of promotion for your business. 


Keep It Consistent   

Whether you need COVID yard signs and floor graphics, or banners and signage to promote sales, make sure they’re following your brand standards. How can we help? We’ve created completely customizable products on our COVID-19 Essential Graphics and Signage site.  If you have any questions or to place an order, reach out to phcustomerservice@printhouse.com.

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