Why Direct Mail is Making a Resurgence During COVID-19

Even with states beginning to reopen, most Americans continue to work remotely and are refraining from major travel plans this summer.This means that more people are staying home than ever before. Since people’s inboxes have been inundated with COVID-19-related email updates, this is the perfect time to reinvest marketing efforts towards direct mail campaigns. Here are 4 reasons why direct mail campaigns will set your business apart from competitors during COVID-19:

1.) People Are at Home, Now More Than Ever Before 

    With CDC recommendations of limited travel and an increased focus on remote work, The Washington Post, found that over 80 percent of Americans are staying home this summer. This means your direct mailers won’t get lost in the shuffle of vacation mail and will reach your customers and prospects directly. 

    2.) Use Direct Mail for COVID Business Updates 

    How many COVID-related emails do you have in your inbox from CEOs? It’s likely too many to count. So, standout from your competitors by following that mass email update with a direct mailer. Send customers your updated business hours and social distancing policies or send out a coupon to your prospects that announces you’re reopen to drum up new business. 

    3.) Get Personal During an Uncertain Time

    According to Canada Post, “[physical mail] is more action-oriented and personal than digital media because its physical format stimulates the underlying mental processes that guide behaviour." Direct mail encourages the consumer to purchase products or services more than emails. So, start building rapport and retention with your patrons throughout this difficult time by reminding patrons that your business is serving the community. 

    4.) Cut Through the Virtual Information Overload  

    We live in an electronic world, one that is flooded with information every second. A study conducted by Martin Pielot, et al. found that “participants had to deal with 63.5 notifications on average per day, mostly from messengers and email.” So, differentiate your company from competitors by alleviating notification-induced stress and send physical mail instead. 

    How can we Help?

    At Print House, we understand the hard work it takes for businesses to communicate COVID-related policy changes to their customers. That’s why when you choose Print House for your direct mail project, we will offer our mailing services for FREE. This offer is valid for up to $500 in mailing services, and does not include postage. Check out our website to see why your company should start investing your marketing efforts in direct mail, or reach out to phcustomerservice@printhouse.com to place an order!